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ThinqLinq Samples on Github

When I first created this site, I used it both as a test bed for technologies as I played with them and as a repository for others to use for my presentations and other insights. Over the years people have been free to grab these samples, but haven’t had good ways of giving back to help improve the samples.

In the mean time, there have been quite a number of technology changes. While I may have been late to the party on some, there’s only so many things one can focus on. One of the advances we’ve seen is the explosion of use of web based distributed source control systems. In that light and as an effort to both make it easier for you to access the sample projects, and help you give back, I’ve started publishing my samples on GitHub. While you’ll still be able to download the samples from my downloads page, I won’t be updating them as new versions ship and instead will plan to keep the samples updated on GitHub instead.

At this point, the following projects are available via my Github repository:

  • RX Samples – Includes Windows Phone, Silverlight, Windows Store App, WebForm, HTML/RxJs, and SignalR samples with code in VB, C# and JavaScript.
  • WebAPI Samples – Includes Sample recipe EF 6 models and Web API endpoints.
  • Signalr RX Samples – Includes Chat samples in Web and WPF, Reactive Sensors in Web and Console projects, and Drag/Drop with MVC and WPF

As always, please let me know what you Thinq. Does Git make accessing the samples easier? Is there something else I should add to the samples?

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SignalR and Rx talk materials

Last night I gave a talk for the Gwinnett Georgia Microsoft User Group. There were plenty of questions and discussion. Everyone seemed interested in learning about SignalR at least even if most hadn’t heard of Rx (gasp.) The slides and demos from the presentation are available for download here.

Update – 7/18/2014:  The source code and slide deck is now available on Github for these projects. Head on over to to check them out.

Anyway, for those that want to dig deeper into these technologies, here are some resources that you might want to check out:

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