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ADO.NET Entity Framework Documentation Samples in VB

Last week, I announced that my translations of the Entity Framework samples were available in VB. Today the ADO.Net team announced that next set have been posted. These are part of the ADO.Net Entity Framework Documentation Samples. These are the projects that are used in the EF quick start and walkthroughs that come with the .Net documentation. They are a set of mini applications demonstrating using EF within the context of an application.

The Course Manager sample was previously translated, but the HR Skills, Adventureworks data binding and research and collaboration tool were just updated today. Unlike the other samples, these don't have separate downloads for each sample, but rather have both C# and VB versions included with each download. Here's the description of each of these projects as taken from the MSDN site:

    The CourseManager Windows forms application created by completing the Entity Framework quickstart.
    This is a Visual Studio 2008 solution that contains both a Windows forms project and an ASP.NET project. Both samples demonstrate data binding to entity objects. The ASP.NET sample uses the EntityDataSource control for data binding.
    The AdventureWorks Data Binding sample demonstrates data binding that uses the Entity Framework. This application displays and modifies SalesOrderDetail entities associated with SalesOrderHeader entities.
    The Annotation and Research Collaboration Tool aids research and collaboration by creating reference annotations and contact entities that can be searched for both relevant Web pages and people associated with topics or search texts.

I hope you find these samples helpful. I'm not sure that I would recommend using the manual databinding that the team used when creating these samples as there are quite a few cases where they could have relied on native databinding rather than manually adding items to text boxes. These translations were fairly literal translations on purpose.

If you're just wanting to learn the query syntax and see the capabilities of EF, the Entity Framework Query Samples are a better source of information.

Thanks to both the VB Team and Data Team for recognizing the need for these samples in VB.

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Entity Framework Samples in Visual Basic

For those Visual Basic users out that that have struggled with the fact that the samples were only available in C#, you can now rejoice. There are a number of projects that have now been translated into Visual Basic for your learning pleasure. You can find these samples on the MSDN Code Gallery’s Entity Framework page. At this point the following projects have been translated.

  • Entity Framework Query Samples Compatible with .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 and Visual Studio 2008 SP1 (Visual Basic and C# versions available)
    The Entity Framework Query Samples is a small Windows Forms program that contains several basic Entity SQL and LINQ to Entities queries against that NorthwindEF Entity Data Model (based on a modified version of Northwind). Its goal is to help you learn the features of the two query languages supported by EF and visualize how the results and the translated store query look like.
  • Entity Framework Lazy Loading Compatible with .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 and Visual Studio 2008 SP1 (Visual Basic and C# versions available)
    This sample shows how to use code generation to add support for transparent lazy loading to Entity Framework. It includes code generator (EFLazyClassGen), supporting library (Microsoft.Data.EFLazyLoading) and sample test applications.
  • Persistence Ignorance (POCO) Adapter for Entity Framework V1 Compatible with .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 and Visual Studio 2008 SP1 (Visual Basic and C# versions available)
    EF POCO Adapter enables Plain Old CLR Objects (POCOs) to be tracked using released version of Entity Framework V1 using automatically generated adapter objects. It consist of a code generator, supporting library and a test suite and examples.

There are several more on the way. I’ll try to update this post when they become available.

5/22: Update: Two more samples went online today:

  • EF Extensions Compatible with .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 and Visual Studio 2008 SP1 (Visual Basic and C# versions available)
    The ADO.NET Entity Framework Extensions library includes utilities that make querying stored procedures, creating typed results from DB data readers and state tracking external data much easier in the Entity Framework. A sample application demonstrates several patterns using these utilities, including stored procedures with multiple result sets, materialization of CLR types, and registering entities in the Entity Framework state manager.
  • ADO.NET Data Services IUpdateable implementation for Linq to Sql
    Sample implementation of ADO.NET Data Services IUpdateable interface for Linq to Sql Data Sources.
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