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Change VB9 to B Sharp

Over on the MSDN Forums, there is a post pondering changing the name of VB.Net to B# (see: Here's my tongue-in-cheek take.

As a programmer and musician, there is a problem with B#. In music (or at least on the keyboard) B#=C. Even if we go with the idea that such a change would put B# on the same level as C, we would still be behind the times in languages (we would need B++ and B## or Bx (x=double sharp) to get to the same level as C# version wise.

Maybe we should go with Bb (or B-flat) as most elementary musicians are more used to playing Bb than B# (or for brass players B-Natural even). Downside here is Bb is lower than B, thus it doesn't sound like an improvement.

Maybe the best option is to move beyond B or C and go for the next letter: Visual Delphi (or VD)... Then again, maybe not in more ways than one.

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