Rx for Windows Phone article now available by ThinqLinq

Rx for Windows Phone article now available

A couple of years ago I gave a presentation at the last MIX for doing asynchronous programming using Reactive Extensions (Rx) on the Windows Phone. The video of the presentation is still available for watching. Around the same time, I was approached by Code Magazine to write a similar article, which I was happy to oblige. It took a while but I was happy to see the article finally published in the Sep/Oct 2013 edition of Code Magazine.

In the article I demonstrate how to use Rx to build a dice rolling game (like Yhatzee) for the Windows Phone 7 or 8 and communicating with a service tier for rolling the dice (hiding the fact that you may be loading the results). While the particular solution was targeted to Windows Phone, the concepts are valid across the wide variety of platforms that Rx supports. Give the article a read and let me know what you thinq.

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