Visual Studio 2010 Keyboard Binding Poster by ThinqLinq

Visual Studio 2010 Keyboard Binding Poster

When I work with new teams, I often get asked how I did x using the keyboard instead of reaching for the mouse. I find if I can keep my hands on the keyboard, I can often be much more productive. So, how do you learn to take advantage of the keyboard shortcuts, I recommend downloading one of the Key binding posters like the ones that were just released for Visual Studio 2010. The posters are available for VB.Net, C#, F#, and C++.

Once you have then downloaded, pick a  a different key binding each day and dedicate yourself to using that one throughout the day. You’ll find some bindings work better for you than others. Each person has their favorite way of working, so try them all and see which are your favorites. So, what are you waiting for? Download them and get coding!

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