devLINK RxJs and Async session materials available by ThinqLinq

devLINK RxJs and Async session materials available

I would like to thank everyone who came out to my DevLINQ sessions this week. The materials for both of the sessions are not available on the Files tab  of this site. In addition, here are the descriptions and direct links to each of these downloads:

  • Reactive Extensions for JavaScript (RxJs)
  • The Reactive Extensions allow developers to build composabile, asynchronous event driven methods over observable collections. In web applications, you can use this same model in client side processing using the RxJs framework. We'll show you how you can take advantage of this framework to simplify your complex asynchronous client side operations.

    Includes slides and samples demonstrating some of the uses of the Reactive Extensions for JavaScript (RxJs). The samples illustrate using RxJs for LINQ style queries, Timer based web page rotator, Mock observable sensor, Mouse drag drop, Dictionary Suggest, and Bing Translator over multiple languages.

  • Async Programming in .Net
  • While .Net 4 added parallel programming capabilities, these tools primarily help when your application is CPU bound. In many cases, parallel processing doesn't address IO Latency issues. In these cases, we need to provide the perception of responsive applications by using asynchronous programming tools. We will explore some of these options including Delegates, Callbacks, Iterators, Observers, and the new C# Async/Await keywords.

    Includes slides and samples demonstrating ways of performing Asynchronous operations from .Net 1.0 through .Net 5.0. In addition to the standard Visual Studio 2010 install, you will also need to download and in stall the following libraries to use these samples:

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